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(secondary) alloy appropriate array attribute balk barb barrage
(secondary) besiege bluff bolt bovine buffet buoyant cadaverous
(secondary) cameo canon cant cataract chase cipher civil
(secondary) cleave codify collate collateral communal compact compliant
(secondary) confine confiscate connivance consort contingent countenance defer
(secondary) desolate dialectical die distant divine dote drone
(secondary) elliptical engage enthrall entrance exuberance fabricate felicity
(secondary) fell flay fleece foil forensic founder fruition
(secondary) gall gorge gouge guy hermetic husband inundate
(secondary) jaundiced knit lay languor lassitude liability mace
(secondary) medium milieu mode monastic monolithic plumb precipitate
(secondary) precipitous preen promiscuous prompt provincial provocative prowess
(secondary) pry purchase quarry rally rant rider roil
(secondary) rotundity rubric ruminate runic secrete slight slur
(secondary) sodden stalwart strut taper temporal tender title
(secondary) touchstone tract transport tribute trough unctuous vixen
(secondary) vulpine wake welter writhe
(specific) abeyance accoutre caulk chafe debutante demotic dint
(specific) diorama disport ensconce eugenic extirpate fecundity hermetic
(specific) knit leaven microcosm occident ossify pallet paraphernalia
(specific) paroxysm pendant pendulous penumbra preen purchase pylon
(specific) quarry rally recourse repository riddle roil roseate
(specific) rusticate shard shaving sheaf sheath sleeper supplant
(specific) surrogate swathe tacit taper transpire transport unction
(specific) unctuous vicarious visceral vitreous volition waif wake
abandoned, neglected derelict dilapidated remiss
absorb, learn assimilate imbibe
abstract, profound abstruse esoteric recondite
academic matriculate
accompanying concomitant consort corollary
addition, increase accretion accrue affix aggrandize amplify annex append
addition, increase augment compound concatenate cumulative wax
agree, similar, harmony accede acquiesce assent concerted concord concur conformity
agree, similar, harmony congruent consensus consonance covenant jibe kindred palatable
agree, similar, harmony parity rapport unanimity
agriculture, land, estate, trees agrarian alluvial arable arboretum arid conifer defoliate
agriculture, land, estate, trees domicile enclave fallow foliage frond fructify fruition
agriculture, land, estate, trees horticultural humus peon reaper tract vassal verdant
agriculture, land, estate, trees yeoman yield
air, attitude, charm bravado charisma condescend defeatist deign mincing patronize
analyze, estimate, measure appraise assay assess disquisition dissection exalt mete
anatomy, body features ciliated clavicle hackles hirsute lineaments palate swarthy
anatomy, body features tactile
ancient, obsolete antedeluvian antiquated archaic pristine
anger, offence bristling incense indignation irate seethe umbrage wrath
animals, birds, insects aerie apiary aviary bestial canine carapace carnivorous
animals, birds, insects dorsal entomology equine ewe fancier feral fleece
animals, birds, insects herbivorous herpetologist ichthyology leonine low menagerie omnivorous
animals, birds, insects ornithologist pachyderm prehensile simian spawn talon tanner
animals, birds, insects ursine ventral vivisection vixen vulpine warren whelp
animals, birds, insects whinny
annoy, irritation, vex badger chagrin exasperate fester fret gadfly gall
annoy, irritation, vex irascible irksome nettle pique provocative rankle rile
annoy, irritation, vex testy touchy
apart, separate, split, isolate alienate aloof asunder cleave cleft disjointed disjunction
apart, separate, split, isolate dislodge dismantle dismember estranged polarize rend rift
apart, separate, split, isolate schism seclusion sequester sunder winnow
appearance, dressing, grooming bedizen cherubic coiffure comely countenance dapper disheveled
appearance, dressing, grooming doff don dowdy foppish guise mangy mode
appearance, dressing, grooming natty personable physiognomy preen primp pulchritude ragamuffin
appearance, dressing, grooming semblance spruce unkempt unprepossessing visage
approval approbation
architecture, roads alcove arcade arroyo citadel cornice dormer façade
architecture, roads gargoyle grotto hovel levee monolithic obelisk parquet
architecture, roads rotunda scaffold
art, drama collage connoisseur conservatory daub dilettante embroider fresco
art, drama histrionic milieu mosaic motif mural palette pantomime
art, drama proscenium repertoire soliloquy thespian virtuoso
artificial, pretended, deliberate affected calculated contrived dissimulate factitious feign mannered
artificial, pretended, deliberate poseur posture sham studied subterfuge unctuous
artistic, skillful, versatile adroit aesthetic deft dexterous finesse protean prowess
assertion, statement affirmation aver avow
assistance abet accomplice connivance succor
astronomical apogee asteroid astral aureole auroral cosmic lunar
astronomical perigee sidereal solstice stellar
attack, invade, intrude aggressor assail beleaguer coup incursion interloper onslaught
attack, invade, intrude waylay
attract, entice, tempt allure cynosure engage entice provocative savory
audience, attention enrapture enthrall oblivious ovation rapt riveting
auspicious, advantageous propitious
avoid avert eschew evade ineluctable inevitable
balance equipoise
banal, unoriginal hackneyed platitude prosaic trite
beg beseech entreat implore importune mendicant suppliant
belief credence credulity doctrine dogma tenet
blessing, prayer benediction benison boon hallowed invocation litany supplicate
bold, shameless audacious barefaced effrontery temerity
boredom blasé ennui tedium
calm, bliss, heavenly beatific elysian ethereal halcyon placid quietude serenity
calm, bliss, heavenly sublime tranquillity
cancel, boycott, ban abolish abrogate countermand embargo expunge interdict ostracize
cancel, boycott, ban proscribe repeal rescind revoke
cautious, care, prudence chary circumspect conscientious discretion gingerly impolitic judicious
cautious, care, prudence lax leery methodical scrupulous wary
ceremony, procession cavalcade fanfare fete inaugurate mace ordination rubric
certainty, risk certitude irresolute precarious vacillate
chain, tie down, enslave enthrall fetter indenture servitude shackle thrall
chaos, commotion disarray ferment hubbub tumult uproarious
chief, first cardinal
clarity elucidate limpid lucid pellucid perspicuity turbid
cleanse, correct, sanctify bowdlerize catharsis chasten consecrate disabuse distill expurgate
cleanse, correct, sanctify purge sacrosanct sublimate
cloying, excessively sentimental maudlin mawkish saccharine
coax, encourage, force, stimulate cajole coercion exhort goad hortatory impel impetus
coax, encourage, force, stimulate incite induce instigate inveigle solicit wheedle whet
colors ashen azure blanch brindled cadaverous denigrate florid
colors aspect iridiscent jaundiced kaleidoscope livid mauve nuance
colors pallid piebald pied ruddy sallow variegated wan
combination, gathering agglomerate aggregate amalgamate coalesce conglomeration garner glean
combination, gathering muster yoke
common, ordinary nondescript pedestrian plebeian quotidian
complaint grievance grouse misgivings quibble repine
complete complement consummate counterpart plenary
concise, terse aphoristic brevity laconic pithy sententious succinct
confuse, dilemma, puzzle, unclear addle baffle befuddle bemused confound conundrum discombobulate
confuse, dilemma, puzzle, unclear discomfit disconcert elliptical embroil enigma equivocate faze
confuse, dilemma, puzzle, unclear fluster hazy imbroglio incoherent knotty labyrinth mire
confuse, dilemma, puzzle, unclear nebulous nonplus obfuscate pell-mell quandary rebus stymie
confuse, dilemma, puzzle, unclear turmoil welter
conspire collusion connivance machinations
continuity breach episodic fitful halting hiatus incessant intermittent
continuity lull piecemeal spasmodic sporadic
contrast, oppose, difference antithesis belie cavil contend contest contravene controvert
contrast, oppose, difference converse demur discord discrepancy disparate dissent dissonance
contrast, oppose, difference divergent foil friction irreconcilable militate recrimination remonstrance
control ascendancy
convincing cogent
courageous dauntless fortitude gamely pluck prowess valor venturesome
craft and tools artifact artisan awl chisel emboss figurine filigree
craft and tools pestle tesselated vise
crime, blame and acquittal conviction culpable exculpate exonerate felon implicate impunity
crime, blame and acquittal incriminate misdemeanor peccadillo perpetrate recidivism reprehensible scapegoat
crime, blame and acquittal vindicate
curse, evil anathema bane canker execrate exorcise imprecation malediction
curse, evil sinister
dangerous, threatening formidable hazardous jeopardize minatory ominous pitfall precipice
dangerous, threatening predicament quagmire redoubtable virulent
death, loss, ghost apparition bereavement cadaver carrion casualty crypt epitaph
death, loss, ghost mausoleum moribund mortician obsequy posthumous sepulcher spectral
death, loss, ghost stygian
deception, trickery, theft artifice beguile bilk chicanery chisel cozen delude
deception, trickery, theft dupe duplicity embezzle filch guile gull hoodwink
deception, trickery, theft illusory kleptomaniac larceny machiavellian malfeasance mirage mulct
deception, trickery, theft skulduggery swindler vulpine
decrease, shorten, cut abbreviate abridge abscission amputate attrition curtail decapitate
decrease, shorten, cut deplete diminution excise hew nip prune sever
decrease, shorten, cut truncate wane whittle
degradation, pollution abase adulteration besmirch contaminate debase debauch desecrate
degradation, pollution profane sacrilegious squalor sully taint
demanding exacting hypercritical importunate peremptory
depressed, discontent, grieving crestfallen despondent disconsolate disgruntle distraught doldrums dolorous
depressed, discontent, grieving downcast forlorn funereal lament languor lassitude lugubrious
depressed, discontent, grieving malcontent melancholy morose plaintive saturnine solicitous somber
depressed, discontent, grieving wistful
deprivation, lack bereft dearth devoid divest paucity
describe, outline delineate graphic limn
desire pine yen
destroy, disease, disaster, damage annihilate blighted debacle dire exigency impasse internecine
destroy, disease, disaster, damage malady marred morbid obliterate pathological perdition pernicious
destroy, disease, disaster, damage raze saboteur subversive
deviation, abnormality aberration anomaly atypical
difficult, severe, burden, fatigue arduous ascetic astringent austere condign cumbersome dogged
difficult, severe, burden, fatigue draconian encumber exertion grapple gruelling incubus indefatigable
difficult, severe, burden, fatigue jaded laborious languor lassitude onerous onus ordeal
difficult, severe, burden, fatigue pall privation
digging, burying disinter exhume inter quarry unearth
diligence, sincerity application assiduous industrious sedulous
disapproval, lament disapprobation bemoan decry deprecate disparage reproach reprobation
discourage, obstruct deterrent dishearten hamper hindrance impede impediment inhibit
disgrace ignominy
disguise, anonymity dissemble imposture incognito
disown, deny disavowal disclaim gainsay recant renege renounce repudiate
display, show off flaunt ostensible ostentatious
distress, suffering, pain affliction anguish harrowing masochist throes travail tribulation
distress, suffering, pain woe writhe
disturb, unrest, agitate disquietude foment frantic frenetic overwrought roil turbulence
division, classification bifurcation codify dichotomy graduated phylum ramification stratified
division, classification taxonomist
doubt dubious indubitable misgivings qualms skeptic
dull, mild, placid bland bleak bovine dingy dispirited dour drab
dull, mild, placid equable humdrum lacklustre vapid
eagerness alacrity avid exuberance gusto zeal
easy, fluent facile glib voluble
embarrass abash
endure, tolerate brook countenance weather
entry, exit adit egress entrée exodus
error, mistake blunder bungle fallacious fallible gaffe inerrancy infallible
error, mistake misapprehension
example, embodiment epitome exemplary exemplify paradigm paragon quintessence stereotype
excess, profusion barrage bountiful copious cornucopia exorbidant exuberance fulsome
excess, profusion glut inordinate luxuriant plenitude plethora prolific rife
excess, profusion unconscionable
excited, joyous, happy agog blithe ebullient effervescent euphoria felicity frenzied
excited, joyous, happy furor
extent commensurate pandemic perennial perpetual pervasive
extraneous extrinsic supererogatory superfluous supernumerary
fabric, cloth, fashion brocade decollette modish outmoded passe raiment rakish
fabric, cloth, fashion ravel rent sartorial spangle threadbare toga vogue
fairness, justice equitable equity evenhanded objective
familiar, accustomed conversant habituate inured unwonted wont
family, relations, kinship affinity ancestry atavism avuncular consanguinity filial forebears
family, relations, kinship genealogy lineage nepotism primogeniture progenitor progeny propinquity
fantasy, magic, imaginative, unreal chimerical conjure entrance fancied figment hallucination incantation
fantasy, magic, imaginative, unreal legerdemain mesmerize necromancy preternatural quixotic reverie sleight
fantasy, magic, imaginative, unreal visionary wizardry
fear, terror, intimidation cow daunt intimidate intrepid petrify quail qualm
fear, terror, intimidation timorous trepidation
fickle, rash, whim capricious finicky foolhardy headstrong impetuous mercurial mutability
fickle, rash, whim precipitate vagary
filled, satisfied, rich, full fraught imbue replete sate satiate slake succulent
filled, satisfied, rich, full surfeit
fire conflagration holocaust ignite incendiary kindle pyromaniac sear
fire smolder stoke
fleeting ephemeral evanescent fugitive temporal transient transitory
flexibility, openness adamant amenable compliance compliant doctrinarian dogmatic ductile
flexibility, openness limber lithe malleable plasticity pliable resilient supple
foil balk
food and drink, utensils alimentary bouillon buffet carafe chalice colander collation
food and drink, utensils comestible condiments cuisine culinary dyspeptic epicure gastronomy
food and drink, utensils glutton gorge gourmand gourmet gruel gustatory knead
food and drink, utensils lap larder masticate potable provender purveyor quaff
food and drink, utensils refectory repast ruminate swill tureen venison viand
food and drink, utensils victuals vintner
fortunate, unlucky, accidental, fate adventitious fortuitous hap misadventure mischance mishap quirk
fortunate, unlucky, accidental, fate serendipity untoward vicissitude windfall
freedom emancipate extricate manumit
friend, approachable, agreeable accessible affable amiable amicable camaraderie confidant congenial
friend, approachable, agreeable winsome
generous, doing good altruistic beneficient benevolent benign magnanimity munificent philanthropist
geography, nature archipelago avalanche bluff cartography cascade cataract deluge
geography, nature ford gorge hinterlands hummock igneous inundate isthmus
geography, nature knoll lagoon legend ligneous maelstrom miasma obsidian
geography, nature precipice promontory rivulet silt stratum torrent tundra
geography, nature vortex
gesture, facial expression, action askance chortle contortion cower cringe ejaculation gloat
gesture, facial expression, action grimace guffaw obeisance prostrate purse simper smirk
gesture, facial expression, action snicker snivel titillate tremor tremulous wince
giving, gift benefactor bestow endue largess
government, political, leadership anarchy apolitical authoritarian autocratic autonomous bureaucracy civil
government, political, leadership demagogue depose despot domineer gerontocracy hegemony matriarch
government, political, leadership monarchy oligarchy patriarch plutocracy polity reactionary theocracy
gratitude ingrate
greed avarice covetous cupidity rapacious ravenous voracious
group, circle, meeting, crowd bevy cabal caucus clique conclave contingent convene
group, circle, meeting, crowd convoke coterie credo creed ethos faction factious
group, circle, meeting, crowd intelligentsia parley quorum rendezvous throng tryst
harass bait beset besiege browbeat harry heckler
harmful, harmless baleful deleterious detrimental fell innocuous insalubrious lethal
harmful, harmless malevolent malignant noxious pestilential
hatred, hostility, enmity, resentment abominate adversary adverse animosity animus antagonism antipathy
hatred, hostility, enmity, resentment aversion begrudge contempt disdain inimical loathe malaise
hatred, hostility, enmity, resentment malicious misanthrope misogynist odious odium rancor repugnance
hatred, hostility, enmity, resentment spurn xenophobia
honesty, straightforwardness candor forthright
immature, inexperienced, rudiment callow embryonic fledgling inchoate neophyte novice puerile
immature, inexperienced, rudiment sophomoric tyro unfledged
imply, allege, indicate betoken connotation contention innuendo insinuate purported putative
important, superior momentous paramount preeminent preponderance salient transcendent
improve ameliorate salutary
inclination, aptitude, ability averse bent caliber capacity flair panache penchant
inclination, aptitude, ability predilection predispose proclivity propensity
indifference, impassive, insensitive apathy callous deadpan detached disinterested insensate insensible
indifference, impassive, insensitive insouciant loath nonchalance phlegmatic stoic stolid
influence, influential, eminent clout foist magnate mogul subliminal susceptible tycoon
inform apprise intimate
innocence, lack of pretence artless guileless gullible ingenuous naivete
insignificant, trivial, empty bauble cipher dregs dross inconsequential insubstantial iota
insignificant, trivial, empty minutiae mote paltry petty pittance puny scanty
insignificant, trivial, empty slag sleazy sparse trifling trinket vacuous whit
insolent brazen impertinent impudent irreverence pert
insult, criticism, slander affront animadversion aspersion calumny derogatory detraction discredit
insult, criticism, slander indignity invective libel obloquy opprobrium revile slight
insult, criticism, slander slur traduce vilify
intention purport
intolerance, narrowmindedness bigotry insularity myopic parochial philistine provincial
intoxication, numb bacchanalian carousal inebriated orgy sobriety sodden stupefy
intoxication, numb stupor tipple
involvement, participation complicity
joking, teasing badinage bantering chaffing facetious jocose quizzical tantalize
knowledge, logic, understanding assumption axiom causal cerebral cognitive cognizance congruence
knowledge, logic, understanding conjecture construe contingent correlation dialectical empirical epistemology
knowledge, logic, understanding exegesis extrapolation fathom gloss over impalpable implausible implicit
knowledge, logic, understanding imponderable inductive intangible interpolate ken misconstrue neologism
knowledge, logic, understanding nexus omniscience ponderous postulate premise propound ratiocination
knowledge, logic, understanding rationale refute schematic smattering sophistry specious substantiate
knowledge, logic, understanding supposition supposititious surmise syllogism symbiotic tangential tantamount
knowledge, logic, understanding tautological touchstone truism unexceptionable untenable validate
lacking seriousness and depth cursory dabble flippant frivolous jaunty lackadaisical levity
lacking seriousness and depth offhand perfunctory slapdash slipshod superficial
lazy, sluggish indolent inert laggard languid lethargic slothful sluggard
lazy, sluggish torpor
legal, legislative, official adjuration affidavit arbiter arbitrate arraign attest beneficiary
legal, legislative, official bequeath bicameral clientele codicil codify communal compact
legal, legislative, official consign curator default deposition disenfranchise docket edict
legal, legislative, official emissary enjoin expropriate fiat filibuster forensic franchise
legal, legislative, official functionary gavel gazette gerrymander hireling illicit impeach
legal, legislative, official inalienable indict infraction jurisprudence legacy liaison lien
legal, legislative, official litigation mandate manifesto moratorium ordain ordinance perjury
legal, legislative, official preamble prerogative promulgate protocol proviso proxy ratify
legal, legislative, official reprieve retroactive rider shyster statute suborn subpoena
legal, legislative, official suffragist tender testator title tribunal vitiate vouchsafe
legal, legislative, official writ
linguistic argot cognate etymology jargon lexicographer lexicon litotes
linguistic malapropism onomatopoeia orthography parlance patois philology polyglot
linguistic rhetoric simile solecism spoonerism vernacular
literary allegory alliteration anthology bard canon canto compendium
literary context denouement dissertation doggerel elegy ellipsis emend
literary epic epilogue excerpt genre metaphor miscellany parable
literary paraphrase precis prologue prosody recast satire scenario
literary stanza treatise trilogy vignette wry
lively, active animated convivial frisky rousing skittish spry verve
lively, active vivacious
local endemic homespun indigenous
love enamored
loyalty, faith allegiance fidelity stalwart steadfast troth
lustful, indecent, flirt amorous bawdy coquette erotic expletive incontinent lascivious
lustful, indecent, flirt lechery lewd libidinous licentious paramour philanderer promiscuous
lustful, indecent, flirt prurient ribald salacious scurrilous
luxurious, spacious capacious commodious
marital alimony annul betroth conjugal connubial misogamy nubile
marital nuptial polygamist uxorious
materialism, spiritualism carnal corporeal monastic mundane platonic regeneration somatic
materialism, spiritualism worldly
meddle officious pry
medical, medicinal ambulatory analgesic anemia anesthetic anodyne antidote antiseptic
medical, medicinal aphasia apothecary aseptic astigmatism autopsy carcinogenic cataract
medical, medicinal cathartic cauterize chronic congenital contagion contusion delirium
medical, medicinal elixir emetic euthanasia febrile forensic hypochondriac laceration
medical, medicinal lachrymose lancet nostrum oculist optometrist panacea paranoia
medical, medicinal placebo podiatrist poultice prognosis prophylactic quarantine remission
medical, medicinal stanch suture unguent
memory memento memorialize mnemonic reminiscence
military, defense, war, strategy armada arsenal barrage bellicose besiege bivouac bulwark
military, defense, war, strategy centurion cipher cohort commandeer confiscate conscript deploy
military, defense, war, strategy foray galleon infiltrate martial militant rampart reconnaisance
military, defense, war, strategy sentinel stockade vantage
mischief frolicsome waggish
miserly, frugal, prodigal husband husbandry improvident niggardly parsimony skinflint spendthrift
miserly, frugal, prodigal tightwad
mock, imitate, mimic, ridicule burlesque caricature deride emulate flout gibe lampoon
mock, imitate, mimic, ridicule parody satirical scoff travesty
money, financial, accounts actuarial annuity arrears audit defray disburse emolument
money, financial, accounts exchequer extort gouge gratis gratuity haggle impecunious
money, financial, accounts insolvent levy liability liquidate lucrative lucre mercantile
money, financial, accounts mercenary pecuniary perquisite prohibitive rebate reimburse remission
money, financial, accounts remunerative solvent stipend subsidy tithe tribute usury
motion amble bolt canter careen clamber flit flounder
motion gait gambol hover hurtle levitate list lope
motion lumber lunge meander motility palpitate peripatetic pulsate
motion saunter scurry shunt slither strut swerve totter
motion veer wallow welter writhe
motivate, motive actuate incentive ulterior
music, musical instruments aria cadence cantata carillon clapper clarion coda
music, musical instruments crescendo dirge diva knell libretto opus oratorio
music, musical instruments paean reprise requiem staccato tempo timbre unison
mythology amazon ambrosia centaur phoenix saga satyr
name, title appellation caption denotation misnomer
necessary, core imperative integral kernel pith pivotal requisite substantive
negative, bad, notorious diabolical egregious exceptionable execrable flagrant heinous infamous
negative, bad, notorious infernal iniquitous malefactor nefarious pejorative perverse scurvy
negative, bad, notorious seamy seedy sordid stigma
obligation, duty beholden behoove devolve incumbent mandatory
obvious blatant glaring manifest overt patent unequivocal
occupation avocation diversion
odor acrid balmy effluvium fetid malodorous musky musty
odor noisome odoriferous olfactory pungent putrid rancid redolent
odor reek septic whiff
open, close occlude orifice pry
opinion, debate, vote, controversy canvass deadlock dialectical elicit marshal polemic stalemate
origin, beginning aboriginal archetype genesis inception incipient matrix nascent
origin, beginning prefatory prelude primordial prototype provenance seminal
ornament, jewellery brooch cameo chase circlet diadem embellish embroider
ornament, jewellery epaulet frieze garnish trappings
ornate, gaudy baroque flamboyant garish meretricious rococo tawdry
outlaw, prison, rogue buccaneer confine contraband depredation desperado despoil extradition
outlaw, prison, rogue flay fleece grill immure incarcerate inquisitor knave
outlaw, prison, rogue libertine manacle miscreant pillage ravage
outwit, defeat, subdue circumvent discomfit foil prevail quash quell repress
outwit, defeat, subdue rout scotch stifle subjugate surmount thwart
overwhelm inundate
pacify, appease allay implacable mitigate mollify palliate placate propitiate
pacify, appease reconcile
pamper coddle mollycoddle
passion ardor fanaticism fervent fervid rabid torrid zealot
patterns, changes checkered dappled fleck fluted flux immutable labile
patterns, changes maculated metamorphosis motley mottled stipple striated transmute
patterns, changes volatile
peak, lowest point acme apex climactic culmination heyday nadir pinnacle
peak, lowest point trough vertex zenith
perceive apprehend discern inkling insightful intuition sagacious
perfection, precise, ideal immaculate impeccable irreproachable nicety niggle peerless punctilious
perfection, precise, ideal stickler utopia
period, time coeval concurrent eon epoch imminent impending interim
period, time posterity precedent precursor synchronous vanguard yore
philosophy existential fatalism hedonist metaphysical
physique buxom corpulent emaciated flaccid gaunt haggard lank
physique portly squat
pity, sympathy, feeling commiserate condole empathy evocative humane pathos poignant
pity, sympathy, feeling sentient
poise, behavior, clumsy aplomb comport composure demeanor equanimity gauche genteel
poise, behavior, clumsy gentility lout maladroit ungainly unwieldy
pompous bombastic grandiloquent grandiose inflated magniloquent megalomania rant
pompous rave rhapsodize stilted tumid verbiage
popularity ingratiate lionize luminary pander
posture recumbent sedentary supine
poverty, misery abject destitute indigence pauper penury
praise, flattery acclaim adulation blandishment encomium eulogy extol kudos
praise, flattery laud panegyric plaudit rave tout
precious metals and stones bullion carat facet touchstone
preempt, obviate forestall preclude supersede
prejudiced jaundiced partisan tendentious
presence omnipresent ubiquitous
pride, arrogance, boasting blowhard braggadocio braggart cavalier conceit consequential haughtiness
pride, arrogance, boasting hubris imperious magisterial narcissist overbearing overweening prate
pride, arrogance, boasting presumptious pretentious supercilious vainglorious vaunted
produce, cause, grow, result beget burgeon coin conception concoct effectual efficacy
produce, cause, grow, result effusive emanate engender ensue exude fabricate fruition
produce, cause, grow, result germinal germinate gestate improvise loom proliferate prompt
produce, cause, grow, result rampant repercussion stem from upshot
promise, assurance, security collateral indemnify
proper apposite expedient felicitous impropriety prim propriety prude
proper seemly
properties buoyant diaphanous gossamer impalpable impassable impenetrable impregnable
properties incorporeal indissoluble intangible navigable osseous palpable precipitous
properties tangible tensile tenuous wispy
prophetic, foreshadow apocalyptic augury bode clairvoyant divine foreboding harbinger
prophetic, foreshadow oracular portend portent premonition presage prescience presentiment
prophetic, foreshadow prognosticate sibylline
protection, refuge aegis asylum bastion harbor haven sanctuary tutelary
punishment castigation chastise flay mortify penance pillory punitive
punishment scourge
push, pull obtrude oust protrude wrench wrest
quarrel, quarrelsome, fight altercation belligerent bicker contentious disputatious fracas fray
quarrel, quarrelsome, fight impugn melee polemical pugnacity scuffle skirmish spat
quarrel, quarrelsome, fight squabble vendetta wrangle
queer droll
range gamut
read, examine, search browse collate peruse plumb pore probe rummage
read, examine, search scavenge scrutinize
rebellion, upheaval cataclysm insurgency insurrection
records, history, remains annals antecedents archives chronicle log relic vestige
refer advert allude apropos ascribe attribute impute
refreshing, energizing exhilarating
regret, remorse compunction contrite deplore impenintent penitent rue
rejoice, celebrate exult festive revelry
relative position, position abut adjacent collateral contiguous hindmost juxtapose lofty
relative position, position nether plumb proximity superimpose
relieve, reduce abate alleviate assuage balm ebb emollient quench
relieve, reduce retrench sap
religion, church, clergy, tradition agnostic apotheosis atheist blasphemy canon cant catechism
religion, church, clergy, tradition cloister defrock ecclesiastic genuflect heresy icon iconoclastic
religion, church, clergy, tradition idolatry immolate infidel laity lectern limbo mores
religion, church, clergy, tradition nihilist orthodox pharisaical pontifical prelate proselytize purgatory
religion, church, clergy, tradition sanctimonious secular seminary temporal tonsure unfrock
remedy, compensation, relief redress reparation respite restitution
renunciation, restraint abdicate abjure abnegation abstain abstemious celibate continence
renunciation, restraint forgo forsake forswear pinion refrain stem teetotalism
renunciation, restraint temperate wanton
respect, polite, courteous chivalrous comity deference esteem reverent venerable
restrict, limit, confine bate circumscribe cordon duress
retort, retaliation comeuppance rebuff rebuttal rejoinder repartee reprisal
revenge avenge nemesis requite retribution vindictive wreak
revive, restore, renovate recuperate refurbish rehabilitate rejuvenate resuscitate
rhythm, periodicty arrhythmic
ridiculus, laughable ludicrous preposterous
rooted, habit, established entrenched ingrained inherent innate intrinsic inveterate
roundabout circuitous devious
royalty, nobility aristocracy gentry imperial interregnum patrician regal regicide
royalty, nobility usurp
rural, rustic bucolic idyllic madrigal provincial sylvan
sarcastic, sharp, bitter acerbity acidulous acrimonious barb brusque captious carping
sarcastic, sharp, bitter caustic censorious censure gall incisive invidious irony
sarcastic, sharp, bitter mordant pungent sardonic stricture trenchant vitriolic vituperative
sayings, expressions, lessons anecdote aphorism apothegm cliché dictum epigram epithet
sayings, expressions, lessons euphemism idiom maxim precept
scholar erudite pedant pundit sage savant
science and engineering acoustics alchemy anneal automaton ballast bolt calorific
science and engineering coagulate cog conduit congeal culvert die extrude
science and engineering fulcrum gyroscope homeostasis lode paleontology sluice strut
scold berate chide diatribe excoriate expostulation inveigh malign
scold pan rail rant rebuke reprimand reprove tirade
scold upbraid
scope, relevance, strength categorical compelling conclusive definitive germane inclusive incontrovertible
scope, relevance, strength pertinent plausible provisional qualified subsume ultimate
secret, hiding, mysterious arcane cache camouflage clandestine covert cryptic furtive
secret, hiding, mysterious hermetic insidious latent lurk occult potential privy
secret, hiding, mysterious runic secrete skulk sphinx-like surreptitious
see, glimpse, look, view descry gawk ogle panoramic surveillance voyeur
selection, variety, mixed cull eclectic manifold medley multifarious potpourri promiscuous
selection, variety, mixed sundry
senility, old age, eccentricity crone crotchety doddering dotage dote hoary longevity
senility, old age, eccentricity superannuated
servile, fawning, servant complaisant grovel minion obsequious retinue subservient sycophant
servile, fawning, servant toady
shapes, form amorphous angular anthropomorphic aquiline askew awry corrugated
shapes, form garbled gnarled ovoid rotundity serpentine serrated sinuous
shapes, form tortuous whorl
sharpness, keenness acuity acumen acute astute perspicacious
shining burnish glimmer glossy incandescent lumen luster opalescent
shining refulgent resplendent scintillate shimmer
shock aghast appall dumbfound galvanize
show, prove, demonstrate evince explicate expository
shrewd, thrifty canny provident stint
sin, pardon absolve amnesty atone condone expiate remission reprobate
sin, pardon transgression venial
size, quantity behemoth colossal exiguous gargantuan girth illimitable infinitesmal
size, quantity juggernaut lilliputtian mammoth minuscule modicum monumental myriad
size, quantity prodigious scad scintilla slew stint titanic
sleep comatose cubicle dormant insomnia opiate quiescent somnambulist
sleep somnolent soporific
social sciences anthropology demographic ethnology
sound cacophonous clamor clangor din dulcet euphony grate
sound mellifluous raspy raucous resonant reverberate rotundity sonorous
sound stentorian strident
speech, oration, presentation articulate bandy babble belabor broach circumlocution cite
speech, oration, presentation colloquial colloquy convoluted desultory digression discourse discursive
speech, oration, presentation drone elaboration eloquence enunciate expatiate harangue harping
speech, oration, presentation ineffable jabber mealymouthed oblique peroration perspicuous prattle
speech, oration, presentation quip raconteur ramble rationalize recount regale reiterate
speech, oration, presentation rostrum slur ventriloquist waffle warble witticism
speed, promptness, haste, sudden celerity dispatch expedite meteoric plummet precipitate precipitous
speed, promptness, haste, sudden slacken spate
sport, adventure barb equestrian escapade feint ferret gambit piscatorial
sport, adventure pugilist regatta seine
spread disseminate strew suffuse
stick, cling cleave cohere glutinous viscid
stop, hesitate, end balk cessation flinch scruple valedictory
strange, weird exotic grotesque idiosyncrasy outlandish quaint uncanny unearthly
strength, strengthen consolidate forte hardy mettle omnipotent potent puissant
strength, strengthen robust sinewy stalwart
strike, bump, touch impinge jostle
stupid, clowning, insane asinine bufoonery demented deranged dolt drivel fatuous
stupid, clowning, insane imbecile inane maniacal oaf obtuse stultify witless
stupid, clowning, insane zany
subordinate, auxiliary accessory addendum adjunct adjutant ancillary appurtenances subaltern
subordinate, auxiliary subsidiary
support adherent advocacy apologist bolster buttress champion constituent
support corroborate embrace espouse jingoist martyr proponent
surface glaze incrustation patina slough veneer verdigris
surrender, yield cede cession concede concession disgorge indulgent inexorable
surrender, yield intransigence monolithic obdurate obstinate recalcitrant relinquish submissive
surrender, yield succumb waive wean
talkative garrulous loquacious
taste acetic brackish insipid luscious piquant saline savor
teaching, guidance didactic doctrine edify inculcate martinet mentor pedagogue
teaching, guidance protégé sophist tutelage
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature asperity bilious bluff bohemian boisterous boorish bourgeois
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature buoyant cantankerous catholic churlish clemency coy crabbed
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature crass craven curmudgeon cynical debonair demure diffidence
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature disingenuous distant distrait docile drone earthy egotistical
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature enterprising expansive extrovert fastidious forbearance geniality glacial
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature gregarious gruff heterodox inscrutable introvert jocund jovial
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature killjoy maverick meek meticulous mirth obstreperous opportunist
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature outspoken petulant pragmatic precocious pusillanimous queasy querulous
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature recluse regimen reserve reticent retiring sanguine sedate
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature shrew skimp solemnity spartan sportive staid stodgy
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature suavity surly sybarite taciturn tempestuous tenacity truculence
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature unassuming uncouth urbane vegetate vigilant vixen withdrawn
temper, lifestyle, convention, nature yokel
think, ponder cerebration cogitate deliberate introspect meditation muse pensive
think, ponder premeditate retrospective ruminate
traitor, deserter apostate defection disaffected perfidious quisling renegade turncoat
travel, wandering errant expatriate itinerant itinerary jaunt junket migrant
travel, wandering migratory odyssey peregrination sojourn trek vagabond wanderlust
travel, wandering vagrant
truth veracity verisimilitude veritable
unbeatable indomitable insuperable insurmountable invulnerable
union coalition confluence fusion splice
unoriginal, plagiarize derivative pastiche
unruly, in a rage, disobedient amok berserk contumacious dissident firebrand fractious insubordination
unruly, in a rage, disobedient insurgent intractable irrepressible mutinous refractory restive sedition
unsuccessful, useless abortive futile nugatory
untrue, fake, farce, rumor apocryphal bogus bugaboo canard cant charlatan debunk
untrue, fake, farce, rumor fabricate hoax hyperbole mendacious mountebank prevaricate quack
untrue, fake, farce, rumor spurious wangle
unwarranted gratuitous
uprightness integrity probity rectitude venal
verbose diffuse prolixity
violent, gruesome, bloody carnage gory grisly lurid macabre mayhem sanguinary
violent, gruesome, bloody unbridled
vocal catcall
warn admonish homily premonitory
wasting, deteriorate, postpone atrophy dally dawdle decadence decrepitude depravity desolate
wasting, deteriorate, postpone dilatory disband dissolution effete fritter lavish linger
wasting, deteriorate, postpone loiter loll procrastinate profligate protract ramshackle retrograde
wasting, deteriorate, postpone shambles squander tarry temporize turpitude wastrel wither
wasting, deteriorate, postpone wizened
water, sea, ships floe flotsam founder jettison maritime natation quay
water, sea, ships scuttle sextant skiff tepid tiller
weak, weaken attenuate debilitate enervate extenuate flag frail impair
weak, weaken impuissance incapacitate invalidate languish listless pine rarefy
weak, weaken subdued undermine
weakness, fault, shortcoming foible infirmity liability
wealth, prosperity affluence opulence
weapons, beating bludgeon buffet detonation flail flick fulminate fusillade
weapons, beating gouge holster impale lambaste mace maim maul
weapons, beating mutilate parry pummel scabbard throttle trident trigger
weapons, beating welt
weather, climate clime frigid hibernal inclement swelter vernal
wet, dry, saturated bedraggle dank douse humid macerate muggy sere
wet, dry, saturated sodden steep turgid
wind, waves billowing bluster eddy gale gusty undulating waft
wind, waves zephyr
withdraw retract secession
work, labor drudgery factotum malingerer proletarian shirk sinecure subsistence
worsen exacerbate
writing, documents calligraphy collate cursive dossier facsimile indite missive
writing, documents palimpsest roster rubric runic tome tract transcribe
writing, documents verbatim

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